How To Stay Motivated Through Hard Times (Ep.2)

Daphne Dash 2nd Episode of “The Reiki Empress”
Here she shares a simple method on how to face hard situations and ways to conquer depression and anxiety.

👑How to stay motivated through hard times 👑

So the first thing is establishing good habits and coping methods. 📝
A lot of times when we’re stuck in a rut
We resort to bad habits, we become anxious and depressed. I’m going to share a few things that work for me. These things help me stay motivated through hard situations and things that may discourage us beyond our control. So first thing is to write down times you handled something poorly and make a list. List At least 3-5 things and then next to it write how you could have handled it better. Also, write down 3-5 realistic goals you want to accomplish and the habits you can create to make them a reality. Once we establish the unhealthy habits holding us back, we can then incorporate the health habits.
So what you’re doing is preparing and programming yourself to handle things better when faced with any issues that can be discouraging. & also aligning yourself with realistic goals you can accomplish.
Next step is feeding yourself positive affirmations daily. I like to listen to videos of positive affirmations on YouTube at night before bed and fall to sleep to them so it can reach my subconscious mind.
One thing to remember is that God is moving in ways that may be out of our view so what may seem like opposition or resistance can truly be a blessing in disguise. I know it’s hard to unlearn things but the quickest way is creating and learning new ways and making it a habit.
After a few weeks or consistency you will see your anxiety and depression disappears. Remember thoughts and words have power so when you feel yourself giving into negative thoughts or doubt, fight back with empowering words and affirmations. Many times we curse ourselves with our words and thoughts. 💜💜✨✨✨

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