The Importance of Having The Right Speech (Ep.3)

Today we’re talking about “The importance of having the right speech” it’s actually one of the 8 noble truths in Buddhism. There’s also many Bible verses about the importance of having the right speech and speaking what is only true and beneficial.
Now we’re having this healing conversation in real time, so anybody out there if you having some trouble with how you speak I’m with you. Sometimes I be getting mad and saying some off the wall stuff and I be like Mann I probably shouldn’t have said that 😭. So this is something that I truly am learning to set in my soul and being and that’s having the right speech. I’m going to read a few Bible verses
See I feel better! That’s why we gotta catch that good word. Now it’s only right we go into the theme song. It’s The Reiki Empress, We’re getting better everyday baby!
So much better so much wiser!
This is the Reiki Empress & You already know we got some Wisdom coming, We got some Knowledge, Beauty, Power, Intelligence, Love, We got Strength, Justice & Foundation baby we ready!
Alright, so I just wanted to let y’all know a little preview about the next episode and it’s about the moon water I made under the Pink Full Moon in Scorpio. So next episode I’ll be going more into it but just know the word for this is Transformation. Intense Transformation. You know what I asked God for it and I’m receiving it. You can check out my empress oils & moon water at
Go head read about the benefits and get you some. With that being said I think it’s only right I end it off with the theme song. Let’s go 🙌🏾🙏🏾🎶

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