• The Ram • 12/13/2020 (Story time) 

I remember when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Empress Mina 👑. 
I was going through so much and had so much energy. It was like the Aries fire was being born. I recorded music the whole time being pregnant, every time 👑✨🥰. The song shared on this post is 3 years old, These days I barely Cuss in my music if at all. I realize motherhood changed me. It made me more victorious, more beautiful and more resilient. Everyday people in life are going to test you. It’s up to you to stay grounded and realize your true power is not even feeding the bs. Focus. As I said before, you have an Empire to run. Run it, or get it conquered by the enemy of distraction.
Cheers to the power of love, strength and motherhood.

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